Digital Signage: A Bonanza for the Parking Industry

Digital Signage: A Bonanza for the Parking Industry

As per Guinness world records, world's largest car parking lot in Alberta, Canada offers space for 20,000 vehicles at a time with extra free spaces. The toughest of all the tasks while you visit a crowded place would be to look for a car-parking spot. Right? But the vast and the forward technology has brought a sigh of relief for all of us. Thereby, allowing us to make a carefree parking without any hassle. Digital signage, which gained the spotlight in the recent years with a huge audience, has made all this possible with its multiple features. If you are still unaware of how digital signage has affected the parking industry, go through the following highlights:

Directing Ways

Most of the customers face difficulty while getting out of the parking lot or while finding their vehicle. The manual spots marked on the ground are not of much significance as they are hardly visible to the driver. Deploying a digital signage at places would make the parking process easy and hassle-free while looking for the directions towards exit, entry, your parking spot’s number, etc. Afterall, nobody loves complications.

Speed limits

Riding rashly can put your life along with the other person’s life in danger. Frequently seeing the speed limits on a widescreen can remind you to slow down your speed. One needs to be careful because there are people, kids getting out from the cars and hurrying forward. Along with the speed limits, a small quote can be added like “Drive slow, your life is precious”.

Quick Services

During the exit, asking the service-boy regarding the parking-token details, timings and amount to be paid, it consumes a lot of time and it doubles the queue. Deploying a digital board with complete ticket details and amount will be a big relief for the customers as well as the staff there. Just look at the huge screen from a distance, make the payment and leave quickly.

Good News for the Parking Operators!

Along with the above benefits, digital signage can act as a revenue generator for the parking management members. You can get services hired from the brands for advertisements. While parking and moving out, people obviously pay attention to the screens besides them. Thereby, offering a good source for advertisements of the brands and earning a huge amount out of it. This is not all, digital signage has a lot more to offer you like instant content updations in case of urgent changes.

What about security?

Every now and then, especially in the U.S., there are cases of vehicles getting stolen from the parking slots. Tracking them later is just near to impossible. Digital signage huge screens are used in these parking areas displaying the anti-theft alert notices to intimidate the thieves. Thereby, it has a strong effect to avoid robbery and safeguard your vehicle. Don't wait anymore now! Go for a perfect digital signage solution which fulfills all your requirements at affordable prices and get it deployed at the earliest.

Remember! customers comfort are your gains!