Deploying a Digital Signage for your School- A Perfect Idea

Deploying a Digital Signage for your School- A Perfect Idea

Planning to deploy a digital signage for your school is a worthy idea to create a learning and a safe environment for students and teachers as well. Its best form of investment in your school for a broader view of technology and its benefits. Digital signages have provided a platform for conversation between the teachers, parents and the students. Thereby, staying fully aware of what’s your kid is doing in the school.

Living in the 21st century, it has become a necessity to know about the forward technology and its services. A research made by PEW Research Center recorded that around 93% of kids have a laptop at home, 87% have a PC, while 39% have tablets.

Here a few points about how digital signage can benefit the school atmosphere in a positive aspect-

Important announcements & Promoting events

For any annual functions, gatherings, or other sports events held in the school can be announced in advance through the signage so that the students get the information at the earliest.

During the ongoing events, the organizers can even display the scores of participating teams, results and updates instantly of the events being carried out on the screen.

Safety Measures

In case of any emergency situations like any weather changes, natural mishap, an instant holiday, or any urgent notice can be displayed on these digital signage to inform every student and teacher. Steps and safety measures to be adopted by the students during the situation can be easily shared immediately on large screens, thereby visible for everyone.

Easy Admissions

Displaying the highlights and services of your school displayed on a big animated screen would definitely attract the parents. During admission period, parents main focus is on the services and reputation of the school which can be easily gained through these digital signages and acquire more admissions this session.

Route Guidance

Majority of the schools have a big campus and for the new-comers, it becomes confusing and time-consuming to reach their classes and other places. Deploying digital signage at relevant places would make it easy for the students to reach their destined place at the earliest possible time.

Distributed departments

A completely separate network can be created for teachers like in their staff rooms for some notices and information related to studies, an amendment in syllabus, books, or any such information.


The capital schools invest in getting those big posters designed, printed and deployed is actually a total waste of money, time and labor. Introducing digital signages in place of that is an easy way out and a smart option to gain attraction from the public.

Above are just the basic highlights of digital signage acquiring space in schools, there are many more advantages which digital signage offers us. Just don’t stay out of the race and get digital signage deployed at your school soon. One of the best platform providing this service is the “jiBoard”- an advanced technology signage providing you the freedom of choice and endless customized services. Making your school features look more attractive in cost-effective ways and reliable services with 24/7 support. Get your signage deployed from us at the earliest and feel the difference.