Popularize Your Brand Name Just In A Click With Digital Signage

Popularize Your Brand Name Just In A Click With Digital Signage

By the end of the year 2015, the size of digital signage industry almost reached $15 million and so on, gaining a big name in the market. Retailers have eventually changed the manner in which they used to communicate i.e. switching from the traditional advertising boards to a new form of digital signage. The market has now actually recognized the High-Definition features and power of digital signage.

These HD signages are built upon the LED and LCD technology with the best customization and animations. The images and video displayed on the signage are of fine quality with a set of glaring colors. Just a few years back, the advertisements and announcements were made on billboards which usually fell off from the corners, thereby replacing it with a new one and wasting capital, time and labor. These digital signages have geo-fencing to avoid breakage and maintenance issues.

Any updation in the content or any kind of modification in the content is carried out remotely, thereby removing the concept of manual labor. This benefits us in many aspects- saving capital, labor, time and making the things simplified. It is totally based on the latest LED pixel pitch technology.

Minimal input: Forget the world where you got your advertisement content finalized first, then printed, and then got it shipped. After the long process and a huge capital invested, you got your poster ready to be displayed. With Digital signage, it deducts the manual work and with one click you get your work published in a cost-effective and a fast way. In future, need to make any modification? Need not worry.

Simply edit the content described earlier and update it with just one click.

Leverage video: A moving animated video would attract double the customers than a still boring image. Digital signage allows you to add effective and ravishing videos to capture the attention of the customers. Hence, increasing your sales while making a unique identity of your brand name in the market.

Captures the audience: Seeing a highly animated 3D image over a glass screen with a crystal clear view would definitely refresh our eyes as compared to a boring traditional advertisement poster. Digital signage thus acts as an eye-catching source to attract the customers and gain popularity in the market.

Digital signage is just a one-time investment of your capital. Once deployed, it has no further costs or maintenance issues.

One of the best alternate product for digital signage in the market is- “Ji Board”. A digital signage that provides you freedom of choice with endless add-ons. Name a feature, Ji Board has all of them. This signage simply transforms your tablet into an attractive digital advertising space. The cherry on the cake is that it is easy to set up and use in a reliable ecosystem with a 24/7 support services.

Get in touch with us, we are here to plan a perfect digital signage for you. It's all yours, use the way you wish to and take your brand name to the peak of the market.