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About us

jiBOARD is build to give the freedom of choice. With the help of jiBOARD app, we transform your tablet into a digital advertising space. We help our customers to start their own digital signage advertising network with us and let us manage your technical services. Our team of experienced and skilled designers will create eye-catching designs, ultimately help in making your business to stand out from the crowd.
We strive to meet the deadlines while keeping a high standard of quality, no matter what your timescale is. We are highly passionate about our work and pay full attention to each and every detail. With the help of our incredible features like easy to use, reliability, user-friendly, 24/7 availability, we manage to deliver the best to our customers. We are expert in making branding consistent and effective.
We deal with the different type of commercial signs and also select the right option for you which can help in the growth of your business. We have years of experience in dealing in the same field and try to fulfill all requirements with the utmost care and attention to detail. jiBOARD supports full-time graphic designers who are always on hand to answer your different queries and guide you in the right direction.
We look forward to serving our clients in the best possible way, meeting their all needs and requirements. So feel free to contact us and we can talk about the service features and startup costs over a cup of coffee.